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Sharks Exhibit

Sharks brings to life the incredible diversity of sharks with dozens of life-sized models, ranging from 33 feet to 5 inches long, and offers visitors a unique look at prehistoric and modern species, their habitats and hunting styles, and the conservation threats these spectacular animals face today. The evolutionary history of sharks is extraordinarily long, predating even dinosaurs. Today, more than 540 species of sharks and over 670 species of their close relatives — rays, skates, and chimaeras — inhabit nearly all the world’s marine environments, from coral reefs to the polar seas, and even freshwater rivers.

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Bullock Shark Mug Quick View
Bullock Shark Mug
Bullock Shark Magnet Quick View
Bullock Shark Sticker Quick View
Super Shark Encyclopedia Quick View
Mini Great White Shark Plush Toy Quick View
Mini Hammerhead Shark Plush Toy Quick View
Mini Tiger Shark Plush Toy Quick View
Great White Shark Pincher Quick View
Shark World Puzzle Quick View
Shark World Puzzle
Shark Bite  Socks Quick View
Shark Bite Socks
Shark Bait Socks Quick View
Shark Bait Socks
The Ultimate Book of Sharks Quick View
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