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Created by San Antonio draftsman John D. Rullman, this Bexar County map is a rarity in the GLO collection because it depicts subdivisions of original land grants and provides the names of current land owners in 1897. The majority of GLO county maps only illustrate the original land grants as created by the records kept in the agency’s archives, and carry only the names of the original grantees.

This map provides a wealth of additional information about Bexar County. Circular markers denote distance from the center of San Antonio in five mile intervals. Important roads leading to other major towns and cities are drawn as well as railroad lines, and an inset chart details the location of post office locations along railroad routes. Famous landmarks such as the Spanish mission sites of San José, San Francisco de la Espada, Concepción, and the Alamo are labeled in the vicinity of San Antonio, as well as various additions and neighborhoods, such as Alamo Heights and Grand View.