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This rare pictorial map of the East Texas Oil Field was drawn by E. D. Ray in 1933. Covering several East Texas counties, the map was drawn to convey the incredible growth generated in the region after the discovery of oil by C. M. Joiner in 1930. Joiner drilled the Daisy Bradford #3 well near Turnertown and Cyril (renamed Joinerville in his honor) in Rusk County, opening the East Texas Field. Joiner drilled the well on land that was long rejected. After his hit, the biggest leasing campaign in history ensued, and the activity spread to include Kilgore, Longview and many points north. A disclaimer on the map indicates that cities and roads are not plotted to scale or with particular accuracy. Instead, the map features whimsical drawings of cars, people and buildings with many tongue-in-cheek labels such as “Bus loaded with suckers,” or “Load of Lawyers on way to Tyler to get injunctions.”