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This panoramic or “bird’s eye” view map of Austin was drawn in 1895 by Prussian immigrant, Augustus Koch. This style of map was very popular in the latter half of the 19th century and these maps would artistically depict a city from a unique, oblique angle as if viewed from high above. Typically produced as promotional items by businesses such as real estate developers or railroad companies, this style of map focused on various structural landmarks and road systems to supply a nice snapshot of a vibrant and growing city.

This map of Austin shows a spectacular view from the southeast and centers on the Texas State Capitol building. Just a few blocks north of this immense building, the Old Administration Building at UT can be observed. To the west of the city, Koch elected to depict a rather large escarpment to presumably indicate the rising terrain of the surrounding Hill Country. In reality the terrain is not this dramatic but this demonstrates how this style of map tended to focus more on artistic representation as opposed to topographic accuracy.