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This pocket map of Fort Worth, published by C. H. Rodgers in 1919, highlights the city’s major road routes and rail lines in red, outdoor spaces in green, as well as schools, churches, and businesses. Many of the city’s oil and gas companies are shown in the northern parts of the city. On the outskirts of town, helpful "road signs," also in red, provide the distances to nearby towns and cities along a given road.

The map features a unique compass rose with a globe, and highlights the principal local rail lines and industries, and an alpha-numeric locator system on its margins to help residents using an index (not included here). The map also delineates original land grant surveys using dashed lines, with the grantees’ names, acreage, and survey numbers included. In an inset on the bottom right-hand corner the publisher advertises the sale of a wall map four times larger than this pocket map. Texas city maps like this one, considered ephemeral at the time, are increasingly rare despite their important contributions to the cartographic history of the state.