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This nautical chart produced by NOAA-NOS is part of a collection of over one thousand charts covering 95,000 miles of shoreline and 3.4 million square nautical miles of United States waters. An agency whose mission is to enrich life through science, NOAA is committed to “increase ocean and coastal ‘intelligence’ and thereby improve the ability to navigate safely and make informed choices.” Charts like this one of Sabine Pass and Lake provide information about the area for boaters, divers, swimmers, and for tourists planning trips to the lakes and coasts of Texas.

This chart indicates the ship channels and canals, and the locations of oil platforms, submerged cables and pipelines, gas and oil structures, obstructions, and shipwreck locations in the Gulf of Mexico. The Texas-Louisiana state line is also shown as it passes through the lake. As a hydrographic survey, the chart also indicates the coastal and lake shorelines and provides sounding depths in feet with a conversion chart provided for both meters and fathoms (each fathom equals 6 feet or 1.8 meters).