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Civil engineer Paul McCombs created this lithograph map as a promotional piece touting the "finest shell beach, fishing and bathing on the coast." His work includes intricate embellishments and typefaces as well as a detailed sailboat sketch. It features city lots and streets, the Gibbs Addition and Aransas Bay.
This promotional map, compiled and drafted by civil engineer Paul McCombs for the Aransas Pass Land Company, shows all of the lots the company offered for sale in the city of Rockport. The company, formerly the Texas Homestead and Farmers Association, took out a charter in 1882 to subdivide and sell the land to interested parties. It was used to entice people to come to the Texas coast and settle in Rockport.
Although the map shows the available plots for sale and the rail line through town, the bulk of it is dedicated to the many reasons one should live in Rockport. The cartouche features cacti and palms, signifying Texas and the coast. The steamship highlights the importance of international trade, a major selling-point to those looking to relocate. Descriptive text beckons the business man, settling families, and tourists alike with the promises of easy access to trade, beaches, and fine weather.