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Patsi and Nami This piece features two sisters, Patsi (which means older sister in Comanche) and Nami (which means younger sister) riding together along the trail as camp is moving from one location to the next. Comanche bands moved their camps seasonally to familiar locations based on their need to hunt buffalo, provide water and grasses for their horse herds, or to move to warmer locations.

Filled with symbolism and meaning, Tippeconnic’s paintings highlight the strength, beauty, and grace of the Comanche past and present. The paintings are rich with history and the unbroken connection the Comanche people have with their roots, but they are not romanticized or stagnant expressions of a bygone era. Rather, Tippeconnic’s art is full of movement, color, and life — a bold statement that Comanche culture is vibrantly alive in the modern world.
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