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Preparing for Battle depicts a 21st century Comanche man getting ready for battle - in the courtroom, boardroom, classroom - as he cinches up his tie and dons the eagle feathers awarded to him for his past accomplishments. Eagle feathers are traditionally used to acknowledge an individual for a significant accomplishment. In pre-reservation days they might be awarded for acts of valor like counting coup on an enemy or capturing horses from Comanche foes. Today this tradition continues with the gifting of eagle feather for more modern significant accomplishments. The individual in this painting is extremely confident and has amassed enough eagle feathers to construct a war bonnet, preparing him for battle in the professional world.

Filled with symbolism and meaning, Tippeconnic’s paintings highlight the strength, beauty, and grace of the Comanche past and present. The paintings are rich with history and the unbroken connection the Comanche people have with their roots, but they are not romanticized or stagnant expressions of a bygone era. Rather, Tippeconnic’s art is full of movement, color, and life — a bold statement that Comanche culture is vibrantly alive in the modern world.
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